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The Importance Of Driving Power For LED Light

Mar. 08, 2019 Share:

When everyone is promoting the long life of LEDs, it ignores or avoids another key issue that determines the life of LED lamps: the quality of LED driver power. Choosing the right driver for this is quite important. So what are the requirements for power supply parameters and technology? Let LED Wall Washer Light Supplier tell you the answer today.

1. Working efficiency (η)

This is especially important for structures where the power supply is installed in an LED luminaire.

Since the luminous efficiency of the LED decreases as the temperature of the LED increases, the heat dissipation of the LED is very important. The power source has high efficiency, its power consumption is small, and the heat generated in the lamp is small, which reduces the temperature rise of the lamp, and is beneficial to delaying the light decay of the LED.

2. Power factor (PF)

The power factor is the ratio of useful work to apparent power. The higher the power factor, the more efficient the system is.

Example of improving the power factor: The power of the device is 100 units, that is, 100 units of power is delivered to the device. However, due to the inherent reactive losses of most electrical systems, only 70 units of power can be used. Unfortunately, although only 70 units are used, the power supply bureau has to pay 100 units, where the power factor is 0.7.

3. The output ripple

The AC component superimposed on the DC stability is called ripple.

In the LED driver power supply, the ripple referred to is typically ripple voltage and ripple current. The ripple is too large to affect the light decay of the LED lamp beads.

4. Protection function

In addition to overvoltage, overtemperature, and overcurrent, LED power supplies should also have surge protection.

Surge protection: LED's ability to withstand surge is relatively poor, especially against reverse voltage capability. Some LED lights are installed outdoors. Due to the start of the grid load and the induction of lightning strikes, various surges will be invaded from the grid system, and some surges will cause LED damage. Therefore, the LED driver power supply must have the ability to suppress the intrusion of surges and protect the LEDs from damage.

5. EMC electromagnetic compatibility

EMC refers to the electromagnetic energy generated by the equipment, that is, the ability to not interfere with other equipment or electromagnetic interference from other equipment.

The length of life of LED Wall Washer Light depends to a large extent on the quality of the LED driver. With a good driver, you can really achieve the long life of the LED lamp.

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